Restored to perfection, this is exquisite aircraft is the finest of its kind anywhere in the world.

First shown at Oshkosh in July of 2014, this aircraft garnered numerous awards and honors including the Golden Wrench Award, Phoenix Award and the Judges Appreciation Award. She also was awarded first-ever presentation of the very prestigious “Keep ‘Em Flying Award” (created specifically to honor an aircraft demonstrating both historical authenticity as well as modern technical additions designed to increase safety and reliability).

Many have encouraged placing this work of art in a museum, but this aircraft was not built for a museum. This is a strong, rugged, flyer fit for anything the sky can offer. The sky is where she belongs and the sky is where she will stay!



Golden Wrench Award

vandenberg awards-17102-small

Phoenix Award

vandenberg awards-17100-small

Judge’s Appreciation Award

vandenberg awards-17092-small

Keep-em Flying Award

vandenberg awards-17098-small