Restored to perfection This exquisite aircraft is the finest example of its type anywhere in the world. Uniquely, it is not a “restoration” per-se of an existing aircraft…but rather an essentially” factory fresh” SNJ built from the ground up using primarily un-flown, N.O.S. (New Old Stock) and zero time parts and assemblies. There is no other WWII aircraft like it in existence. First shown at Oshkosh in July of 2014, this aircraft garnered numerous awards including:

  1. the “Judge’s Appreciation Award”
  2. The “Phoenix Award” (A/C most demonstrating “rising from the ashes” to fly again).
  3. The “Keep ‘Em Flying Award” (the first-ever presentation of a new award designed to honor aircraft for authenticity and quality, but most importantly for also displaying advanced modern technical upgrades to ensure long term reliability and safety. These nineteen major FAA-approved upgrades are described in detail in the articles referenced).
  4. And finally the Oshkosh Golden Wrench Award.   The “Holy Grail” of restorers world-wide.

It has been the subject of numerous articles in Aviation Publications, including:

  1. Keep ‘Em Flying Safely…and for a Long Time!”   WARBIRDS Magazine April 2015
  2. In Search of a Dream…and the Perfect SNJ WARBIRDS magazine, February 2013
  3. “Keep ‘Em Flying Safely”   SPORT AVIATION January 2015
  4. Restored To Perfection…the Story of Sweet PeaNATA SKYLINES (North American Trainer Association) January 2015

This aircraft is of museum quality, having been built with meticulous care by highly skilled and experienced restoration experts at Paladin Aircraft Restoration in San Diego, California. Information pertaining to the restoration process itself as well as the philosophy behind this ground-breaking aircraft’s development can be found in the articles noted above. There is a small gallery of photos on this site. Many more photos detailing every step of the restoration process, as well as complete aircraft logs and records will be made available to those considering ownership of this aircraft. This aircraft is the very best of the best and will be sold to a new owner who appreciates the historical treasure that she represents…and possesses the resources necessary to provide proper future care and maintenance.


Golden Wrench Award

vandenberg awards-17102-small

Phoenix Award

vandenberg awards-17100-small

Judge’s Appreciation Award

vandenberg awards-17092-small

Keep-em Flying Award

vandenberg awards-17098-small